Welcome To Amber Wood Reiki

I am Jackie, of Amber Wood Reiki ( Norfolk ).

I am a Reiki Grand Master (level 20)/Teacher Practitioner, living in beautiful Oxborough,(PE33 9PS ) which is a quiet village, near Swaffham and Downham Market, Norfolk. UK.

For many years I have been interested in holistic therapy, as alternative treatment.
I completed my 1st Degree in 2019, using my family and friends to practise on. I decided to complete the 2nd Degree at the earliest opportunity, when lock down came to an end. Still enjoying the energy flow, I decided the time was right to be a Reiki Master/Teacher. Holistic therapy is now my passion.

This has inspired me to continue into other fields of well-being, balance, stress reduction and energy health using time tested complimentary therapy techniques. The aim being to encourage the activation of the body’s natural healing response. Reiki is a part of what conventional medicine calls ‘complementary and alternative medicine’.

Reiki, Crystal Healing and Auric Field Tuning works in a gentle way of healing at all levels of body, mind and spirit. This healing method can never do anything bad, as it works on the highest good of the individuals. You have been drawn to me for a reason. Whether you have stress, fatigue, or a general chill out hour needed to relax in our hectic daily lives, holistic therapy can help.
Auric Field therapy can help with aches of many parts of your body. This is carried out with tuning forks, with frequency vibrations.

Reiki can be the instrument in restoring energy and promote self-healing to benefit your well-being and remove energy blockages.
It can reduce tiredness, the feeling of being unbalanced, your batteries need recharging, or just taking time out for yourself.

Reiki also can help on emotional levels, improving one’s ability to cope with the things that stress and give strain to our lives.

Reiki prices

Prices as a guide for an hour.

Reiki £35.00

Crystal Healing £35.00

Auric Field Tuning £40.00… This is a longer treatment

Well Being Session £35, which is a combination of treatments.

I sell gifts of gem stone bracelets, boxed gifts for yourself, or your friends, various other items of your choice, after your treatment.
These items start from £1.00 and be made up in beautiful boxes, gift bags, cellophane and handmade gift tags tagged to your request.

Payments by cash are always welcome, but I do have a card reader if you wish to pay me by card.

Gift vouchers are available with envelope.

Change/cancellation of appointment – we all need to change things from time to time, but I would appreciate as much time as possible to change your appointment.


Please contact me via the email address of amberwoodreiki@btinternet.com 

Or phone between 10am – 4pm on 07444 706 162, alternatively text after hours.