Energy Healing

What is energy healing you may ask?

Energy healing has surged in popularity in the last few years because of anxiety, stress and other issues that worry us. Even when we are asleep, we can have busy dreams and wake up feeling totally exhausted.

With holistic therapy it is a chance to go into that inner silence. With the mind rested, people are starting to quiet the body’s natural healing mechanism is activated for inner peace and other ways without medical invention, if possible.

The history of energy healing can be traced back to ancient times…even Cleopatra used it, apparently, not for just bathing in milk as she did. There are five layers within our energy field. These layers form our mental, physical, spiritual, etheric and emotional characteristics.

Just like everything else in the world, the energy field can stay in balance, or become imbalanced which affects your health as a result. Emotional and mental stress, physical stress, false news and trauma past and present are examples of energy blockages in our energy field.

Why do you need Energy Healing?

Energy healing is the original form of medicine. There are different forms of energy healing therapies that can benefit us both physically and emotionally. It clears hidden blocks in our energy fields. It also repairs and rebalances our energy so that our body can get boosted to its optimal level and regains the ability to heal. It can open our consciousness to the areas we need to heal and bring health, harmony plus vitality to our energy field.

Amber Wood Reiki is a member of the International Practitioner Holistic Medicine for professionals, fully qualified and insured. My business in a beautiful village with part views of a National Trust owned house and gardens, near Swaffham, Norfolk.

I offer:- Reiki, ( Master level, June 2022 )

Crystal Healing

Auric Field Tuning

Unicorn healing (attuned to Master level)

Reiki Distant Healing

Crystal Healing is a holistic, natural alternative therapy that uses crystals and gemstones to balance your energy field. It can be used with traditional medicines to heal people and has zero side effects. They can help with sleep, exams, menopause, premenstrual tension, stress, trauma, to name a few things of life in general.

Crystals can act like tuning forks that bring harmony and stable power to your unbalanced energy field. Amber Wood Reiki might add crystals to your Reiki sessions, tuning forks, or just have stand-alone treatment to suit you.

The main principles of crystal healing are to indulge in self-reflecting experience, remove negative energy, to focus on mindfulness and acceptance. It is deep relaxation during healing with soft music, relieves stress and anxiety.

Tuning Forks

Research has shown tuning forks work on the areas where there is pain, aches, inflammation. They can be used on their own, which are set to various frequencies to aid parts of the meridian s of the body. With use of the crystals it can enhance the vibrations and depth of the tuning forks. They can stir up the energy of glands and organs.

With use of tuning forks slowly they promote detoxification. The body will release the toxic build up. Drinking water will help rid of toxins in the body too, as does also in Reiki and crystal healing.

One recent client said they felt like they had actually been hoovered, which was a lovely feeling.

Sound healing and vibration can help organs come back to a healthy range.

However, these treatments are not taking the place of your doctors, or the medical professional. So, always consult your doctor or consultants if you have any concerns/worries about holistic therapy.

Everything in our universe, including our bodies, has a frequency. Einstein said this over 100 years ago.


The content written is for your general information purposes only. You should always consult your doctor who knows your unique medical history and medications. This is not represented as medical opinion, advice, or recommendation, nor intended to be treated as a cure of any disease, disorder, diagnosis.

I would like to think and hope you would enjoy Reiki, Crystal healing, tuning forks therapy as much as I do being able to give this energy to you for your own wellbeing. With our minds so busy all the time, our body cannot get enough energy to heal and balance ourselves.

Amber Wood Reiki, might be your answer to help…